Name Kolbotn Type Mixed use / Urban planning
From existing industrial and logistic purpose to future urban living environment. The project develop a series of landscape and urban principles to transform the plot into various lively areas for integrated urban development. Using landscapes as a tool to (re)create identities and various outdoor relationships.

The purpose of the feasibility study is to find a planning concept forthe property, which is based on local conditions and the municipality’s strategic objectives for social development and growth. It also aims at balancing density with housing variety, porosity, good living environment and adaptation to existing and future adjacent areas. The plan offers various landscape conditions, from public streets and plaza to collective and private gardens. Developing various outdoor identities with high standards regarding ecology and water management.

Team: Status: Year: Location: Type: Site: Client:
Consultant for Oslo Works AS  Study  2019 Kolbotn, Oppegard Norway Mixed use, Urban planning  65.000m2 Oslo Works AS Kolbotn Eiendom AS



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